Smart Music Review

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Smart music is a program that helps you practice your instrument.Whether you play the a woodwind instrument, a brass instrument, percussion or strings Smart music can help you out. All you have to do is hook up a microphone to your instrument and music notes appear on the screen and you play along with it. When you are done it shows you which notes you played right and which notes you played wrong. I play the trumpet and this program has helped me out a lot. On the site they have tons of music to chose from.

Smart Music student edition costs- $36.00 per year

Smart Music Teacher edition costs- $140.00 per year

The difference between the student and teacher version is that the teacher edition allows you to keep track of how your students are doing and also allows you to assign playing tests to your students to see how well they can play something. The teacher edition would be perfect for a private lessons instructor or a band teacher.

My only complaints about Smart Music is that they need to add more content more frequently. I also don’t like how hard it is to find specific songs. But all in all….

Is Smart Music worth your money? Smart music is a very helpful program but it all depends on whether you are going to put the time into the program to practice. If you are then yes I definitely should get this program. It has helped me and I think it will help you too. That is why I rate Smart Music at a 4/5.
If you are interested in purchasing this program go to

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